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Name Free Universal Tuner
App Version 1.7
Developer Dmitry Pogrebnyak
App Size 814k
Last Updated January 6, 2019
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Requirements 2.3 and up

Get the Latest Free Universal Tuner 1.7 Mod APK with Data on our website now. This gorgeous Music & Audio based app is developed by Dmitry Pogrebnyak. The App comes with the latest version of 1.7 and size of 814k. Moreover, you just require Android 2.3 and up to run the App. We have updated it on January 6, 2019. Grab it now!

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The tuner for stringed musical instruments.

Absolutely free, no annoying ads! Fully autonomous and does not require access to the Internet, nor any other additional permits.

This tuner allows to tune a variety of musical instruments: six- and seven-string guitar, bass guitar, gusli, balalaika, domra, lute, ukulele, koto, shamisen, violin, viola, cello, double-bass, kalimba, oud, banjo, guzheng, gayageum.

Lightweight application with a highly efficient detection algorithm. Less memory and CPU usage, which
makes battery life longer, Even on devices with weak CPU response still very smooth and fast, that allows for the tuning process to be precise and quick. This is not like a slideshow with a long delay, as in many other guitar tuner applications.

Minimalist and informative design does not distract, making the tuning process easy and comfortable.

High pitch detection accuracy (up to 3 cents). Works with wide range, allows to tune whole piano.

The tuner's memory has preset of more than 90 kinds of tunings for instruments listed above, including, but not limited to:
– Standard tune, as well as Drop D, Open C, Open D for a six-string guitar;
– "Russian" and "Gypsy" tune for a seven-string guitar;
– Academic diatonic tune for 15- and 17-string resonant gusli (Russian psaltery), as well as several kinds of "folk" tunes for the wing- and helmet-shaped psaltery, from 5 to 22 strings, including famous "Music Maker"/"Melody Lap Harp" ("Perepelochka").
– Academic and "folk" tunes for a balalaika;

It allows you to set a pitch frequency for A4, other than 440 Hz.

Tuner mode:
– Auto (default) – The tuner will try to determine which string is tuned at the moment, changing the color of already tuned strings.
– Fixed – quickly double-tap the button for the desired string, and the tuner will not automatically switch to another string. To return to automatic mode, press the button once again.
– Chromatic – displays piano pad to select any note to tune. It can be used to tune up any instrument, even a piano. Chromatic mode is accessible from the drop-down list with the tunes names.

Additional features:
– Playing sound tone of selected string with a single tap;
– The tone generator for tuning "by ear" (tap and hold. To switch off – short tap the same button again);
– Beep when the tuning of the selected string reaches a predetermined frequency.

What's new

+ Android 6 permission model;
+ float-sample recording now supported (on Android 6+);
* minor quality improvements;
+ Transposition option;
+ Tunings list search;
* Some errors fixed in tunings;
+ Added new tunings: 8-, 12-string guitars, 17-key kalimba, Dobro, Guitele, Komuz, Charango.



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