Final Frontier DEMO Details

Name Final Frontier DEMO
App Version 1.0.1
Developer Kfir Even
App Size 50M
Last Updated May 7, 2019
Get it on Google Play
Requirements 4.4 and up

Get the Latest Final Frontier DEMO 1.0.1 Mod + Data (APK) Full on our website now. This gorgeous Simulation based app is developed by Kfir Even. The App comes with the latest version of 1.0.1 and size of 50M. Moreover, you just require Android 4.4 and up to run the App. We have updated it on May 7, 2019. Grab it now!

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This game demo is containing a few scenarios in which you can fight off attacks on DS9, fight aliens on the Enterprise's holodeck and run simulations on Voyager's computer.

** Notice that this game is very heavy. A high end device is needed to run this game properly (6GB RAM recommended).
If you notice slowdowns and crashes, try reducing the resolution and quality settings.

** The game will ask you for a permission to access photos, files and media on your device, this is because the game uses an obb expansion file to store its data.
In newer android versions you can ignore this request, but maybe you will need to allow this permission for other android versions.

** This project was made for learning purposes only.

** The game fully supports English and Hebrew.

– When playing first person mode you can do an emergency transport back to the runabout from anywhere by pressing the combadge -> emergency transport.
– To choose and run a holodeck program on the Enterprise, click on the console next to the holodeck's doors with the text "RUN PROGRAM".
– Wormhole will open once you get close to it.
– Destroying the wormhole will stop the dominion ships from entering the alpha quadrant.
– Ship's shields will regenerate faster on green alert.
– On slower speeds the ship rotates faster
– Torpedoes are limited and are more effective against a ship's hull.
– If the runabout's shields are very low or your hull is damaged during combat, you can call for an assistant from the second runabout shuttle patrolling DS9 from the computer console -> "Distress call".
– Below the phaser button there is the "switch" button (2 rotating arrows in green), which allows you to instantly switch between enemy targets during battle.
– Once you teleport to Voyager's bridge there are 3 computer simulations available at the tactical, science and helm stations.
– Use the 3D axis button (above the computer button) to switch between free 3D movement and vertical/horizontal movement (mainly for taking off and landing on Enterprise's main shuttlebay floor for example).

3D models credits:
DS9, Defiant and Runabout models by Chris Kuhn.
Enterprise D and Dominion bug ship models by David Metlesits.
Enterprise D interior by Aryh Peixoto Filho.
Voyager model by Sarod.
Voyager interior by trekkie.
Spacedock model by Nico Weigand.
Earth Spacedock and Constitution Class Starship wreck models by T. E. Williams.
Workbee model by Raul Mamoru.

What's new

- Fixed game not opening in full screen on some devices.
- Fixed some default settings won't apply on first run.
- Added a notice that changing the quality setting requires a game restart.
- More small fixes.



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